Positive Affirmations

A Healthy Reminder

Positive Affirmations For A Creative Life​

I Am In Harmony

I Am Pure Confidence 

I Stand Up 

My Wishes Are Safe 

I Am Queen 

I Am Healthy 

I Am Wealthy 

We Are In Love

I Am Beautiful

I Am Powerful

I Am Full Of Energy

I Love & Forgive

I Want, I Can, I will

Definite Purpose Is Clear

The Answare Is Clear

My Goodwill

My Prayers

I Ask I Recieve

How To Use Positive Affirmations

The Transformational Affirmations work as self-activation and self-help tools. Affirmations can be more effective when you repeat them standing up after doing the following:

A- Prepare Yourself

Before you start reciting an affirmation do the following 5 steps to activate all parts of your brain, body and spirit:

  1. Physical activities: Recall the last time that you won something or achieved something? Do you remember how you felt physically? Recall that feeling within your physical body. Additionally, you can stand like “wonder woman” with your hands on your hips, or like an athlete after winning  a race, putting your hands up in a winning position for two minutes.

  2. Mental calculations: Add two numbers, subtract two numbers, and/or multiply two numbers.

  3. Sing a little song: Choose a song that will remind you that you are awesome and sing it, out loud or to yourself.

  4. Imagine colors: Recall the last time that you were delighted and happy. What color do you remember? Close your eyes, take this color with your hands, put it in front of you, make it bigger, than wrap yourself within it. 

  5. Laugh: Recall something that made you laugh, think about it and let it make you laugh again or smile big.

B- Recite  

Now pick one or more of the affirmation and say it five times a day for 30 days. It can be helpful if you can pick specific times to recite the affirmation, such as: (1) as soon as you wake up, (2) at breakfast time, (3) at lunchtime, (4) at dinner time, and (5) before going to sleep, or on a schedule that works best for you.  

C- Achieve

Take one minute after reciting an affirmation to visualize and imagine yourself achieving the result that you just repeated as an affirmation.