Chady Elias is an established visual artist, university-level educator, author, master iconographer, and a creativity Consultant, coach and mentor.

Chady holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, His higher education degrees include interior design, theology, philosophy, Sacred Art, Music, and Coaching. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Arabic and well versed in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Amongst other professorial engagements, Chady was Chair, Dean and Vice President of various institutions around the world. He is also a renowned international speaker, lecturer, Workshop Presenter and Educater.

Chady’s extensive body of work is featured in private and public collections around the world including France, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States.

Chady is a master of non-derivative works. His artistic life started at a very tender age, and he presented his first visual arts exhibition at the age of twelve.
His work is also featured in “Trapped Lessons From The Trenches”, an Emmy award-winning short film.

I work with creatives who want to create masterpieces and live in the permanent estate of harmony that gives them an intuitive connection with divine beauty.

~ Chady Elias


“Nous pensions aller à l’école avec Chady. Apprendre, en écolières consciencieuses, de nouvelles techniques. Conscientes de la chance que nous avions de découvrir quelques secrêts d’un grand maître-iconographe et d’un artiste accompli. Là aussi, étonnement ravi ! Voir combien Chady est en Dieu, dans une belle liberté et comme il Lui laisse tout l’espace, permettant ainsi la respiration divine, et … permettant ainsi à chacune de nous de se laisser transformer. Aucune de nous, avec nos personnalités si différentes, n’a été « épargnée » !

Tu nous a remis sur le chemin, tu nous as gentiment poussées-bousculées pour sortir de notre petit confort. Mais, quel cadeau ! MERCI Chady pour ceci et aussi pour ta patience, ton écoute positive, ta si grande disponibilité, ton professionnalisme, tes compétences, ton intelligence, ton respect, ta force et ton amitié spontannée ! Toi, Chady, instrument de Dieu.”


C Grela, A S E | Artist, Iconographer​


” William Ernest Henley said: “You are the master of your fate the captain of your soul” .

Chady, you gave me the self-confidence and the desire to be the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.
About tow months ago my life was a mess I had no goals no desire no self-confidence, nothing! … from the first session, you started changing my thoughts, and you made me believe in myself and the best of all, now I love my life!  THANK YOU”


G AA | Business Owner​