Amplify Your creativity, generate more profit, and efficiently monetize Your intellectual properties.

The Universe Needs Your Unique creative Gifts. Let Your Gifts Shine.

I work with creatives who want to create masterpieces and live in the permanent estate of harmony that gives them an intuitive connection with divine beauty.






All Creators


Chady is available to speak and teach in public or private events, nationally and internationally, anywhere in the world. He is an experienced creative entrepreneur and speaker. Chady speaks and teaches, creativity, and creative businesses.  Chady has traveled, worked and has masterpieces in France, Italy, Croatia…more here>>

Positive Affirmations & Reminders

Creatives works alone the mojority of time. Somtimes we need a healthy reminder to remind our self of who we are. from this perspective i wrote the folowing affirmations as a gift from me to the Creatives of this univers. Don’t stop Shining.